Projects & Campaigns

Because of your generosity, MH - MA can provide the facilities, programs, and amenities that make us great. When we see a need, we launch a campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of the project. We hope you will consider making a financial contribution at some level to help us reach these goals. Reach out to classmates, friends, and family to give a larger gift as a group.

Dorm Renovation

dorm hallwayWe’ve reached our campaign goal; however, we still need to replace the windows at a cost of $70,000. We need your help! Contact us to donate

Though our students are teenagers, their dorms were getting up there in years. We invested $400,000 into updating the facilities and revitalizing the living spaces.

Cafeteria Renovation

front of the cafeteria buildingAs a boarding school, Maur Hill - Mount Academy has the unique challenge of serving three meals a day, meaning much of the students’ time is spent in the cafeteria. The cafeteria brings together both day and boarding students, providing the chance for camaraderie and communication. However, the building was anything but inviting! We raised $500,000 in campaign funds to make St. Michael’s Hall a place where everyone wants to be.

Auditorium Renovation

rows of seats in the auditoriumMany students have found their voice and confidence under the stage lights of the auditorium, and many will find that same inspiration for years to come in the Abbot Barnabas Senecal Auditorium. The auditorium is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility thanks to the $100,000 raised to bring about the renovation.

Flynn Athletics Campaign

Maur gymnasiumSince upgrading our athletics facilities, our teams have consistently brought excellence to MH - MA athletics in the name of legendary coach John Flynn. With over $550K, we installed new scoreboards, built a new gym, added air conditioning to the main gym, and improved all of the facilities.