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Maur Hill - Mount Academy
A Catholic, Prep, Boarding School Since 1863
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Alumni Spotlight

Once a Raven, always a Raven! At the close of each school year, we welcome a new class to the ranks of our prestigious alumni, forever remaining part of our Raven family. Whether you’re the first in your family to attend MH - MA or the second, third, or even fourth generation Raven, good things are in store for you. Meet just a few of our outstanding alumni. 

Megan (Klebba) Dougherty ‘09 — Maur Hill - Mount Academy

Megan DoughertyMegan (Klebba) Dougherty comes from a long line of alumni before her. Her father, John Klebba '75, and his seven siblings all attended Maur Hill Prep and Mount St. Scholastica Academy. Carrying on the tradition, Megan and her three brothers graduated from MH - MA (John '06, Joe '07, and Patrick ‘11). Megan was very busy during her years as a boarding student and was involved in student council, forensics, and Scholar's Bowl. She also played volleyball and was on the swim and dance teams.

After high school, Dougherty earned a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Dayton and then an M.Ed. in higher education administration from Vanderbilt University. Currently, 多尔蒂是密苏里大学堪萨斯城法学院专业和职业发展中心的副主任.

Dougherty emphasized the importance of friendships as a boarder. 她说:“我最喜欢的是经历许多人直到大学才拥有的那种友谊。. "Strong relationships develop when you live with your classmates." She encourages current students to take advantage of the international aspect of MH - MA. "Interact with your peers from other cultures," she said. "And day students, make sure to spend time with the boarding students outside of school. Many are very far away from their families, and they'll appreciate feeling included in yours."

Dougherty lives in Kansas City with her husband and daughter.

Dr. Stephen Bartulica ‘88 — Maur Hill Prep

Dr. Stephan BartulicaDr. Stephen Bartulica was a Maur Hill Prep boarding student from 1984 to 1988 under headmaster Fr. Barnabas Senecal and Principal Ed Stork. Although Bartulica had planned to go to Bishop Le Blond in St. Joseph, Missouri, his father had other plans. "Initially it was my father's idea to board," Bartulica said. "He thought it was a healthy choice for a strong-willed kid to move out of the house." Bartulica didn't plan to stay at Maur Hill Prep but was glad he did. "Those formative years at Maur Hill—you can't get those back," Bartulica said. "There was apprehension in the beginning, but in the end, I'm very grateful to Maur Hill. I owe my success to the Benedictines and my time at Maur Hill."

A highlight during Dr. Bartulica’s high school years was winning the state title in doubles tennis with David Golbrath. After high school, Bartulica graduated from Mizzou and then went to Zagreb, Croatia, where he earned a master's degree in philosophy. He later earned his doctorate in philosophy from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. "While in high school, I had no inclination that directed me to anything outside of the U.S.," Bartulica said. I didn't have any dream of living in Europe. I came over after my studies and stayed. You never know where life is going to lead you."

In July 2020, Bartulica became the first American-born person to be elected to the National Parliament. Before his election, he taught political philosophy full-time at the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb. Bartulica has been married over 20 years to a Croatian from Split where his father is from. They have four sons.

Remembering Br. Jude Highberger (1932–2021) — English Teacher and Coach, Maur Hill Prep

Br. Jude HighbergerJude Highberger passed away at the age of 88 on January 10, 2021. We will always remember him for his energy and caring, warm, generous spirit. In May 1998, Highberger married Sharon Montgomery Ries at St. Mary’s Church, St. Benedict, Kansas. He was an active oblate at Mount St. Scholastica Monastery.

Many people remember Highberger as Br. Jude, the English teacher and coach at Maur Hill Prep where he worked from 1960 to 1975, but that's not all he did. 海伯格从1975年到1978年在巴西担任传教士,然后从1978年到1984年在本尼迪克特学院担任校园牧师. He also worked in hospice care and nursing facilities in Topeka.

Dr. Allyson (Sundby) Missura '03 — Mount St. Scholastica Academy

Dr. Allyson MissuraFollowing in the footsteps of her mother and aunts, Allyson went to Mount St. Scholastica Academy. She was involved in cross country, cheerleading, drill team, swimming, track, student council, and much more. After graduating, she moved to Nashville and earned a degree in biology from Vanderbilt University, graduating magna cum laude. 她于2011年毕业于UMKC牙科学院,并于2012年完成了UMKC普通牙科高级教育的住院医师.

Returning to her roots, 艾莉森于2018年搬回艾奇逊的家,在那里她在第七街开了Canary Dental(原名Wingate Dental)。. Known for her adventurousness and fearlessness in her childhood—skiing double black diamonds, paragliding, 在国外从悬崖上跳下来——这并不奇怪,艾莉森把她的牙科生意命名为阿米莉亚·埃尔哈特的第一架飞机, a yellow plane named Canary. "Amelia’s courage, determination, 冒险精神将继续成为这个小镇的一部分,并阐明我们想在金丝雀牙科分享的快乐. We want our team and patients to feel welcomed in our cheerful and positive office," said Missura. Dr. Allyson lives in Atchison with her husband and three sons.

Fr. Blaine Schultz (formerly Kenneth Schultz), OSB '51 — Maur Hill Prep

Fr. Blaine SchultzFr. Blaine had to mow a lot of lawns in Kansas City to attend Maur Hill Prep. 他从牧师那里获得了部分奖学金,并通过修剪草坪来弥补609美元的差额. While at Maur Hill Prep, he served as the student council secretary and Tatler editor, was a band member and an athlete, and was the valedictorian of the Class of 1951.

Fr. Blaine made vows in 1954 and studied the priesthood at St. Benedict College. 1964年,他在堪萨斯大学获得音乐学士学位,然后在威斯康星大学获得音乐硕士学位. He returned to the Abbey to teach in the St. 本尼迪克特学院音乐系,并在与本尼迪克特学院合并后继续担任这一角色. For several decades, Fr. Blaine taught piano and organ lessons and served as Abbey Guest Master and Abbey Choir Master. He was instrumental in guiding the formation of the prayer books the Abbey still uses today.

Aggie Asher '74 — Mount St. Scholastica Academy

Aggie AsherAggie is a second-generation Mount St. Scholastica Academy graduate following in the footsteps of her mother, Catherine Corpstein Schuele ‘35. Her sister, Cathy Schuele Paolucci ‘76, graduated two years after Aggie. 

After high school, Aggie attended St. Mary's University in Leavenworth and graduated in 1978 with a bachelor's degree in social work. She went on to earn a master's degree in social work from the University of Kansas in 1988. 她目前是堪萨斯州的持牌专科临床社会工作者和密苏里州的持牌临床社会工作者.

阿吉在艾奇逊医院工作了30年,担任艾奇逊社会服务部经理. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Guidance Center, Live Well Live Atchison, and the Atchison Community Health Clinic. She also serves on the planning committee for the Mount St. Scholastica Benedictine Sisters Night of Dreams fundraiser. 阿吉是一个成员的毛尔山预备学校董事会在合并到毛尔山-山学院,并继续作为董事会成员的MH - MA几年. 

Aggie在社区的持续努力和奉献精神获得了2009年Zontas艾奇逊地区年度女性奖的认可, the Atchison Hospital Leadership Award in 2011, and the Live Well Live Atchison Volunteer of the Year award in 2018.

In 1992, Aggie married Martin Asher ‘73. He serves as a district court judge for the First Judicial District, which includes Leavenworth and Atchison counties. Aggie and Martin are members of the League of St. Maur and St. Benedict Catholic Church.

Carrying on the tradition started by her mother, 阿吉的四个孩子都毕业于毛尔山预备学校和毛尔山-山学院:Ryan Maderak '99, Stephen Maderak '01, Joseph Asher '11, and Cecilia Asher '13, and the tradition continues with Aggie's granddaughter, Kristin. Aggie’s legacy continues to grow!

Mick Hundley '02 — Maur Hill Prep

Mick HundleyMick is a native of Atchison, Kansas. After high school, 他一年级就读于堪萨斯州立大学,然后转到密苏里大学. While a student at Mizzou, 2003年至2006年,他在加里·平克尔(Gary Pinkel)的老虎队(Tigers)橄榄球队担任助理教练. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri in December 2006.

After college, 米克回到艾奇逊的家,接受了莫尔山-山学院发展主任的职位, where he worked from 2007 to 2010. 在MH - MA期间,亨德利专注于与全球校友建立关系. His fundraising efforts led to the successful Penning Science Wing renovation campaign, which raised over $500 thousand. 米克是乌鸦橄榄球队的助理教练,在他在MH - MA的几年里担任了一个赛季的进攻协调员.

亨德利在许多董事会和委员会担任重要领导职务,为莫尔山-山学院和艾奇逊社区. 他对他的高中母校的承诺是显而易见的,在他的奉献服务,作为MH - MA校友会董事会前任主席和MH - MA 500俱乐部副主席. Mick is very active with organizations within the Atchison community, 包括艾奇逊地区商会董事会前任主席和艾奇逊地区领导力发展委员会成员. 他还曾在艾奇逊县董事会和艾奇逊市规划委员会任职

Mick于2010年加入Edward Jones Investments,担任财务顾问,并因其成功获得多项认可, hard work, and determination in serving his clients, including the Ted Jones Prospecting Award 2011, the Spirit of Partnership Award 2012, the “TNT” Client Development Award 2014, the Century Award 2015, and the Edward Jones Sr. Founders Award 2015 and 2018. 作为一名成功的商人,米克利用他的经验和知识指导其他财务顾问. Mick also served on the growth team.

Mick is the son of Mike and Debbie (McGinnis) Hundley '73 and lives in Atchison with his wife, Lauren. They were married in a small ceremony at St. Patrick Catholic church in Atchison on August 17, 2018. On January 9, 2019, they continued the celebration with a beach destination wedding with family and friends in Cancun, Mexico. Mick and Lauren are members of the League of St. Maur.

Billie Ellis '69 — Maur Hill Prep

Billie EllisBillie Ellis became a boarding student at Maur Hill Prep at the age of 16. He went on to earn his BA, MBA, and then a law degree from the University of Houston Law Center in 1978. Ellis is a senior partner in the international law firm of Winston & Strawn, LLP. His practice covers a broad spectrum of private equity, financial, commercial, and real estate transactions, including the acquisition, financing, development, and sale of all types of properties and companies. 

《十大网络彩票平台大全》(Texas Lawbook)承认埃利斯是一位传奇律师,被业内认为是“德州律师界的雄狮”之一.” With four decades of practicing law under his belt, 埃利斯被广泛认为是德克萨斯州历史上最好的商业房地产交易律师之一. Ellis' list of accomplishments is extensive. Texas Monthly magazine recognized him as a “Texas Super Lawyer.” He is listed in Best Lawyers in America and has numerous professional affiliations, achievements, and community leadership positions. 他是一位颇有成就的作家和主持人,二十年来一直在教育学生和同事. In 2012, Ellis received the coveted Texas Exes Teaching Award, 该奖项每年颁发给法学院的一位教授,以表彰他在课堂上的表现(这是德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校8个教学奖中唯一的一个). Ellis lives in Dallas with his wife and has three grown children. MH - MA was honored to have him deliver the 2019 MH - MA commencement speech.

Chad Folsom '90 — Maur Hill Prep

Chad FolsomMaur Hill Prep graduate, college athlete, and college coach are just a few titles Chad holds. He graduated from Grinnell College in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. While at Grinnell, Chad earned a total of 12 varsity letters in basketball and indoor and outdoor track, and he was named captain his senior year in all three sports. As captain of the Grinnell Pioneers basketball team, they became the national scoring champions, averaging 110 points per game. Chad attended the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he completed his master’s degree in sports psychology in 1997. He returned to his hometown of Atchison, Kansas, after 11 years away.

As head coach of the Benedictine College Lady Ravens basketball team, he is the all-time winningest coach, guiding the program to a 402-188 mark. Under his leadership, the basketball program won the conference title twice, was invited to the NAIA National Tournament seven times (five of the past seven years), and has averaged 22+ wins per season for 18 straight years. 该队连续16年进入美国体育大会的前四名. During his tenure, the program has earned 63 All-Heart performers and has produced 12 NAIA All-American selections.

Chad is married to Amy (McKelvy), a 1995 graduate of BC. They have five children: Haylie '18, Taylor '20, Madison '21, and future MH - MA graduates, Kaitlyn and Kyle.

Melinda '05 and Justin Pregont '05 — Maur Hill - Mount Academy

Melinda and Justin PregontAfter an outstanding basketball career at Benedictine College, Dr. Melinda became a sought-after chiropractic doctor in Atchison. Justin became a public administrator and is currently the Atchison assistant city manager. These young professionals are leading the charge to change the city of Atchison. The Pregonts are involved in the Rotary Club, operate an art gallery, and are working to develop moderate-income housing in the old YMCA building. 这对夫妇继续通过在董事会和校友会服务MH - MA帮助. 他们有一个女儿玛雅,并计划在可预见的未来在艾奇逊生活和服务.

Chris '89 and Patty Hunter — Maur Hill Prep

Christ and Patty HunterChris在公司工作的18年里,在Cambridge Associates的职位不断上升. With Cambridge, he has literally been around the world. 在中国工作六年后,Chris被任命为剑桥联合基金会的全球负责人 & Foundation Practice and moved his family to London. He and his wife, Patty (Klebba), have three children: Tess, Maggie, and Christopher. They serve as members of the League of St. Maur and are involved in a Syrian Refugee program in the U.K. No matter where they are in the world, they find a way to plug into the Catholic Church and travel the journey of faith.

Mick '62 and Maryls Haverty — Maur Hill Prep

Mick and Maryls HavertyThe Haverty’s generous donations change lives. As the most benevolent donors in the history of Maur Hill Prep- Mount Academy, the $3 million and counting they have gifted continues to ensure the success of MH - MA. Each year, 这对夫妇资助了16名学生,并通过他们每年成为校长圈的成员来支持学校. Additionally, they have donated campus improvement funds. 

Mick was an outstanding athlete at Maur Hill and went on to play college football. He worked his way up through the ranks of the railroad, from brakeman to CEO and chairman of Kansas City Southern. 他和玛丽斯定期与MH - MA及其学生联系,参加活动并分享建议. The Haverty's were honored by the League of St. Maur with the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award in our history.